Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Last Thursday, I walked into my home and was immediately greeted with my two daughters. The sound of their voices rang in my ears and all I could do was smile. Their excitement almost contagious in the way that they were genuinely happy to see me. I walked away from them to place my keys in their rightful place, because well lets face it...I'd lose them otherwise.

My oldest daughter Alex walked behind me and when I turned around the first thing out of her mouth was "Close you eyes mommy, I've got a surprise for you."

I laughed a little and asked here where this surprise was, but I only got asked to close my eyes again. So I did. Her little hand grabbed mine and led me towards her. "Follow the sound of my voice."

In the past it has been known that sometimes she gets a little excited and doesn't watch where I'm going. And so as added protection, I placed my hand out to make sure I wouldn't run into any objects. At least a minute passed when she had me turn into what I imagined was her room.

"Stay right there."

The sound of her rummaging through the desk in her room peaked my interest, but true to my word I kept my eyes closed. Seconds later she told me to open then and when I looked down at her she was holding a white paper bag with a colorful rainbow colored on he side. A yellow ribbon tied in a knot was placed on top to hold the contents out of view.

With a smile she handed me the bag and watched as I tried to open it. Whatever the contents, they were heavy. As I finally got the bow open, I looked at her and the adoration that shone in her eyes. And again I couldn't help but wish that some of that could rub off on me.

A short tug later and the bag was open. Pulling out the contents, I almost cried. Inside had been a ceramic square. On it was colored the most beautiful picture of myself and her playing under these vibrant blue clouds. The words Happy Mother's Day written below them.

She had made me a Mother's Day gift while in school and couldn't wait to give it to me. I hugged her and thanked her for the gift before she ran off to let her little sister know that I'd liked it.

I'm writing this for all the mom's who work long hours only to come home and clean and cook and care for your children be it with someone or alone.

I'm writing this for all the mom's who are doctors to their children when they fall and scrape their knees.

I'm writing this for all the mom's who stay up late at night because the shadows in their children's room looks like they just might eat them.

But most of all, I'm writing this story for the mom's who have looked at their children and thought, even with the late nights and long hours. With the disciplining them for deciding that your white wall was a canvas. And especially when they are sick and at their most vulnerable...

I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Happy Mother's Day to you all!


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