Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Alexandria

Today my oldest daughter turned 6.  She woke up this morning and didn't even know it was her birthday.  After a month of asking when it was and she forgot.  But as soon as I said the words, she automatically went to the mirror and looked at herself.  Then she turned around and said, "Do I look taller?"

Now that she is a year older, she has automatically grown at least an inch.  At least that's her theory.  And she too grown up to do certain things, like eat breakfast or take a nap.  Because as she put it, "I'm grown now."

And yes, she actually said those words.  The only thing that made it horrible, was the fact that she's celebrating it in a hotel room.  We are still in the process of house hunting, but we did get to take them to a house we were interested in.  What's the downside?  Because there is one.

The downside is...she thought we were moving in to the house.  It took us awhile to explain that we were just looking and we had other houses to look at too.  But once she understood it she just wanted to know what we were going to do to make it up to her.  Here is her list:

1.  A Cinderella cake.
2.  It has to have 6 candles.  6 not 5, because she'll never be 5 again.  (her words)
3.  A dog.  (she's not getting a dog)
4.  who knows what else...she started talking about a whole bunch of stuff and although I didn't log it away for later use, I'm sure she will remind me.

Other than that it was a nice birthday.  We ordered pizza and right now they are watching cartoons.  With any luck we'll get a house soon and get to make up her hotel style birthday.

And to think...I get to do this all over again next month for Ariana's birthday.  I'm feeling old already.



  1. I hope that you daughter has a great birthday.

  2. Aww, your daughter sounds absolutely ADORABLE. I hope she had an awesome birthday, even if she spent it in a hotel room. :)

  3. Awwww. I love kids. They say the darnedest things lol. She sounds adorable.


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