Thursday, September 23, 2010

Max and Ruby's Parents are Dead

Like you, I wondered what the hell?

This my friends is a conversation that my children had amongst themselves. I wouldn't have known about it if my husband hadn't come upstairs and said, "Your kids got problems."

Of course, I wanted to know what would give him reason to say that. Other than the obvious. Because I've come to the realization that my kids have some issues. lol. Not bad ones, but these days they're starting to remind me more of myself at their ages. And frankly that kinda scares me.

But back to the story at hand.

The next words out of my husbands mouth was, "Do you know what your kids are talking about downstairs."

"What," I asked him.

He laughed then said, "Ariana asked Alex where Max and Ruby's mom and dad are."

The two of them were in the middle of watching the cartoon as she asked the question. Now for any of you who don't have kids, Max and Ruby is a cartoon about a brother and sister rabbit. In each episode the sister wants to do some activity but excludes her brother, who by the end of the episode fixes whatever she's having issues with. There however is no mom or dad. Just the occasional visit from their grandmother or Bunny Scout Leader.

Well my oldest daughter Alex looks at her sister and says, "They're dead."

Ariana proceeded to say, "Ohhhh." As if this explained everything. Then she said, "Well what about their grandpa?"

"He's dead too," Alex told her nonchalantly. "He never comes over, so he must be dead."

The entire time my husband is listening to this conversation and trying not to laugh. So when he in turn tells me my first question is, "Why are they dead? Why can't they be at work?"

He says he asked Alex the same question and her response was, "Don't be silly Daddy. Everyone knows they're dead."

I mentioned this to some friends at work and one said she was going to ask her daughter the same question. A few days later she said she talked to her youngest daughter and asked where Max and Ruby's parents where and her reply was, "They're dead Mommy, everyone knows that."

I laughed so hard I almost cried.

Apparently all children know this, but we're too dumb to see it. So to anyone with small children who might watch Max and Ruby, ask them where their parents are. If they say dead, then join the club.



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not So Quick Fix

It was brought to my attention yesterday that someone couldn't leave a post on Stalker Diaries.  I decided to check it out and low and behold, they were right.  I set out at that exact moment to fix it.  I thought if I added a widget that it would suddenly be fixed.  Not! 

I eventually had to revert back to the classic blogger template and call it a night.  This morning, however, I am proud to say that I have uploaded a new template, which lets you comment.  So feel free to try it.  lol. 

I'm still working on this new template, but I find that I kinda like it more than the other.  So now that all of that is done, I hope you comment and let me know what your thinking.



Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just my luck

For the last day and a half, I have been taking care of a house full of sick people. First my husband got sick a few hours before I had to go to work. I made sure everything was okay and told him I'd take our oldest daughter to school. When I finally got her dressed she complained of her stomach hurting, but she wasn't running a fever so I took her to school.

Three hours later the nurse calls and tells me that she has been sick most the morning. So I drive to her school and pick her up. I now have two sick people in the house. My husband and a 5 year old. The day progresses and I'm more tired than I've ever been. But that's not where my story ends. No. Right after dinner, my youngest daughter gets sick too. Now I have 3...count them...3 people sick. My husband, a 5 year old, and a 3 year old.

Today it appeared that they were getting better. My oldest is still a little sick but not nearly as bad as she was yesterday. But right after we eat dinner I start to feel weird. I lie down and take a nap, only to wake up with achy muscles and then it happened. I got sick.

Everyone in the house got better and I got sick. It was like the universe said, your job is done now we can make you suffer too. *Sigh*

It's just my luck. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better. Goddess I hope I do.


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