Friday, April 25, 2014

Breathing Ch. 05

The picture above corresponds with the chapter.  As all of you know the story Breathing is a bit of a change from what I'm used to writing.  It's dark and daring.  It's sad and emotional.  It's...not what I usually write.  And for that reason alone it can be a bit draining.  

The character Sonya is a small part of me that I never let anyone see before.  She's scared and alone.  Loved and yet afraid to love back.  And in the last chapter you see her open up a little bit and let a little of the pain drift away.

Well this chapter will be just as draining for some as the last, but I promise that the sun is about to start peeking through the clouds after this.  

So without further hesitation I give you Breathing.


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