Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brand New Story - Breathing Ch. 01

Hello my stalkees,

I come to you bearing gifts.  This is a story that I started writing a year ago and finally got the inspiration to write it.  And since I took away Love Me Now, I thought it only fair to give you something to replace it.  I got the inspiration actually listening to Jason DeRulo's song Breathing.  The first chapter will end with a lot of unanswered questions and some of you may feel you know where this story is going.  But even I don't know that so just be patient with me.  

I have decided to call  this my Short Story Saturday's.  And so until this story is finished you will receive a chapter every week.  Feel free to flood my blog with comments. lol.  So to leave you with the words of Jason DeRulo:

I only miss you when I'm breathing 
I only need you when my heart is beating  
You are the color that I'm bleeding 
I only miss you when I'm breathing
This ain't no ordinary feeling  

You are the only thing that I believe in 
I know you're coming back to me 
and I will be waiting here for you til the end

Breathing Ch. 01


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