Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Thursday Vent

I decided to start this new segment of my blog because of an event that happened this morning.  And it got me to thinking about how much everyday life throws wrenches in our plans.  How a perfectly good day goes haywire because of the person in traffic who cut you off or the bank teller you've been waiting a hour for closes her window just as you make it to the front of the line.  

And so ladies and gents, I am dedicating every Thursday to you.

 Here's my vent of the day:

Three weeks ago a friend and I went to a tribute band concert for Santana.  It was an amazing concert which really surprised me.  But before the actual show there was a little slideshow of events the venue would be hosting.  And what pops up but a Burlesque show.  I know what you're thinking.  Amazinnnnngggg!  So I look over at my friend and say we have to go.  Of course he says sure let's do it.  

As the days go by and it gets closer to the big event I remind him of the big day.  And he seems to be happy to go with me.  A couple more days pass and we're texting and he says something about how he's gonna be busy this Saturday so I laugh and say of course we're going to the Burlesque show.  To which he texts back, "I completely forgot about that and made other plans"

Yes...I was pissed off.  But I tried not to make such a big deal out of it.  But here is where my vent comes into play.  Yesterday, I text him and we made plans for this Friday and next Friday.  I was excited and happy, we haven't hung out in a while.  But then I get an IM saying sorry I forgot I made plans on Sunday or Monday.

"Cancel them," I say.

"I can't.  I made them the beginning of the week and I don't want to flake on them."


So I bring up the fact that he flaked on me just two weeks ago on plans we'd had for almost a month.  To which he says, "Yeah.  I'm trying to get better at not doing that."

If I wasn't so mad I would start laughing hysterically and never stop.  

And that ladies is my Thursday vent.

If you have anything you want to vent about or would like to share.  Comment below on how you want to get your vent off your chest and I'll post it on my blog.  



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