Monday, April 30, 2012

Manic Monday

This Monday started off on the wrong foot.  To begin with I reported in to my unit to find out my new NCO was told to keep tabs on me.  I have less than 5 months left in the Army and he thinks that all of my appointments are me getting out of work.

Work that we have none of.  My unit is deployed at the moment.  And while I'm supposed to train my replacement instead he has him doing busy work instead of learning his job.  If he thinks I'm going to later he's sadly mistaken.  

I left work early today because I had to take my kids to the optometrist.  My oldest daughter's eyes are sadly worse than before, while my youngest has awesome eyesight.  Hopefully one of us will have good eyesight in this family.

After this, I took them to my job to finish something up.  And since they assume I'm just skipping out on work they were surprised to see my kids walking around with me.  I wanted to look up and say, "Told you so jackass."  But of course I held it in.

We left work and grabbed a bit to eat, but within minutes from my house were almost hit by a taxi.  The driver looked at me like I was on crack and then moved his car.  I was lucky my horn was loud or else we would have gotten hit.  

And that all my Stalkees was my Manic Monday in a nutshell.


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