Monday, May 14, 2012

Manic Monday

Hi my Stalkees,

Today's Monday wasn't as Manic as the ones before.  In fact It was the perfect picture of semi calm.  I started the day off by taking pictures of the work that my apartment complex never fixed.  And on Wednesday I'll be giving the Code Enforcement officer a call.  I gave them more than the allotted time to get in here and fix it all but they sent in a maintenance man who for all I know only had half information or instructions to only fix one problem.

I then went to work where I did nothing.  Literally. 

I'll be getting out of the military in a very short time.  I have completed one term and even reenlisted so I feel it is time for me to get out and stay home with my family.  The girls are getting older and need a stable presence in their life.  It's a decision that didn't come lightly or easily.

However, a lot of the people I work for still treat individuals getting out of the military as if we are the gum on the bottom of their shoe.

"You could just finish the rest of your time."

"What are you going to do when you get out?  Work at McDonald's?"

These are actual questions that have been asked by higher ranked individuals.  First of all "finish the rest of my time?"

It sounds like a prison sentence when put that way.  And when working under individuals who make your life miserable it feels like prison too.

As for the work at McDonald's comment a female at work got from her boss all I could say was "Wow!"

He thinks so little of her that he believes she'll get out the military and what?  Become one of those women who uses the system instead of getting her education and a better job.

The only good thing that came out of today was that my daughter got her new glasses and then we went to the park to play.

But what can you expect on a Manic Monday?


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