Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Thursday Vent

Hi my Stalkees,

This weeks Thursday Vent is a culmination of the week so far.  As you all know, I have been having issues with my daughter's school and of course my apartments ant infestation.  Well this week was no better.  My daughter has been getting bullied and I spent three days talking to principal, assistant principal, and briefly to her teacher.  Tomorrow is parent teacher conference.

I called my mom to ask if she could find out what time the conference would be.  Just in case we had certain times to come.  Do you know what she told her?

"Well, she doesn't have to come."

First of all..What?!?!?

What does she mean I don't have to come.  It's a parent/teacher conference for a reason.  Add on the fact that my daughter has been getting harassed by two of her students...why would I not come?

What parent knowing all of this would say.."You know what.  I don't need to ask the teacher about my child's behavior and get her input."  Or try to get their input.

So first thing tomorrow morning I will be going to my daughter's school.

As far as the ant issue goes.  The Code Enforcement officer came out yesterday and saw all of the items NOT fixed.  He went back to the office and talked to them again.  And will be calling me tomorrow.

But now I have to add broken air conditioner to the list.  My AC hasn't worked in 3 days.  I went to the office today and they told me maybe it's a tripped switch.  And to try looking in the breaker box to figure it out.

I opened the breaker box and then closed it.  I'm not messing up anything for them to tell me I broke it.

And to make things even better, my mom came in to ask for the code enforcement officers number.  Apparently our neighbors are having some of the same issues.  So cross your fingers that we finally get this fixed.  If not I'll be back next week with more to say.

But until then.  Stalk ya later.  *wink*


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