Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Daddy/ Mommy What's that Word Mean?

Not exactly the titles you were expecting to see today right? 

Last year on Mother's Day my Daughters gave me a ceramic picture that was drawn in class.  This mornings gift was just as special.

At 7:30--a full hour more of sleep than usual I must add--my kids woke me up to say Happy Mother's Day.  And then they told me to close my eyes.

When I was finally told it was okay to open them I couldn't help but smile as I saw two teddy bears holding a heart that said "I Love You Mom"

I smiled the biggest smile ever because they had put all this effort into getting me a gift even after I told them that I didn't really need one.  At seven and five it was important for them to know that they apprecieated me.

And then my youngest daughter looked at me and said, "Can we call Dadddy and tell him Happy Mother's Day?"

With a request like that how could I refuse right?  And so I called their dad which went to voicemail.  This is the exact message that was left:

"Hi.  I want--what did I say?  Oh yeah.  Happy Mother's Day Daddy!  Call us back so we can tell you Happy Mother's Day."

Can't make stuff like this up if I tried lol.

Fast forward 5 hours

My youngest daughter went to church with my mom.  Me and my oldest daughter stayed home due to her being a little under the weather.  So I decided we could watch Glee.

Yes.  I love Glee.

We're on season 1 at the moment and we got to the episode where Kurt wants to sing Defying Gravity from the play Wicked.  But of course Mr. Shue won't let him which causes Kurt's father to go the school and raise some hell.

But what I forgot was in the episode an anonymous man calls Kurt's dad at his shop and says, "Your sons a "f*g"

And we all know that word isn't fig. 

As soon as the words left the television my seven year old turns to me and says, "Mom...what's that word mean?"

So I paused the show and had to explain to her that not all boys like girls and that many people say that word to be mean and hurtful to people who aren't like them.  Which led to me explaining that some boys like boys and some girls like girls.  And want to marry them.

"How do they get married?"

"Um...In some states they can get married just like Mommy and Daddy did."

"That's wrong," she says.

"No no.  It's different.  There's nothing wrong with it.  You can't help who you love.  Just like Mommy and Daddy can't help that they love each other.  Never say something is wrong because you don't understand it."

"Okay.  So boys and boys can get married.  Weird."

She doesn't really understand it, but I stressed that you can't help who you love and it's never wrong.  People just don't always understand it.  And as a daughter of a Black mom and a White dad, she'll have some people who don't understand that, but time changes lots of things.

And so that was my Mother's Day. 

Dad got a shout out and my daughter learned that boys don't always want to marry girls.

All in all a really great day.

Happy Mother's Day everyone from your friendly onlinestalker.


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