Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Thursday Vent

I’m back!

I know some of you are probably saying, “You never told me you were leaving!”  And you would be correct – so hello my Stalkees.  I tweeted the main reason for my absence a couple weeks ago on Twitter.  For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, my absence was due to the FLU.  I was surprised that you could get the flu so late.  So I Googled it and I found out that flu season is actually from October to May.

Go figure that I would get the flue the LAST month of flu season.  My kids kept trying to talk to me while I was half out of my mind with a fever and body aches.  Why is it that children want to be around you more when you feel like crap?  And of course they didn’t get sick.  They’re like super heroes or something.  Able to shield themselves against the common respiratory infection and Dr. FLU!

So my first weekend was filled with medicine, fever, sweating, and aches.  And being in the military, if you don’t have a fever but have flu like symptoms they just give you some Motrin and send you on your way.  And so that was what happened.  I went to work that Monday with the flu and a slight fever. 

Fun right?

So half way through last week I spent washing and packing clothes for my kids.  Because guess what all my lovely readers, I had to take them to Indiana to see their dad.  By myself.  From Colorado.

I priced plane tickets and found that it would cost me almost a thousand dollars after buying plane tickets there for three people and then back for me.  Plus the cost of a rental car and a hotel.  So instead I opted to fly.

Mapquest says that a trip to Indiana is 15 hours.  Mapquest—you lied to me! 

Driving across the great state of Kansas with a 7 year old and a 5 year old is challenging.  Especially when the 5 year old had to pee ever 50 miles or so.  Not to mention that once we got half way through Kansas to stop at a rest area they issued a tornado watch for the state of Kansas.  Not for a certain town in Kansas.  No!  It said tornado watch for Eastern Kansas!

This is when my daughter points up to the sky and says “Hey mom those clouds look weird.”

See the pictures below to see what she meant.  It was almost as if they were falling from the sky, reaching for us.  It was both amazing to see and scary knowing that one of those falling clouds could easily become a tornado before our very eyes.  And so we got back on the road.

As soon as the car was back on Interstate 70 a flash of lightning lit the quickly darkening sky.  Followed by several more and then the sky opened up and began to pelt rain onto us.  It got so bad that I eventually had to pull over at a rest area to wait it out and pray that we were not near a tornado since the weather was so bad.

Finally we got to their dad’s house and everything was going fine until I had to leave on Memorial Day to come back so I could go to work the next day.  Going through St. Louis was pure torture since the speed limit was 60 miles per hour and cops were pulling people over left and right for speeding.  And so it took me almost an hour to get out of the city.

I was making pretty good time since I didn’t have the kids with me.  I got a few hours from Colorado and had to pull over.  After a few hours of rest I was back on the road and finally in Colorado after going through construction and more 60 mile per hour traffic. 


Once I got to the town I needed that would lead me to home I took the wrong road and ended up driving the wrong direction for 45 minutes.  45 minutes wasted until I realized I should be going west…not east.

And so I turned around and went back to the small town I had just left and began my travel towards the actual city I needed.  I made it by 7:20 and then realized I had to go to work and be there by 9.

So I went home to shower and change and go to work.  Where I had to stay all day.

Needless to say that I crashed as soon as I got home.  And today is the first day I’ve had to write anything at all. 

So thank you all for sticking around with me.  And I’ll try my best to keep you all better informed.

I hope to have a chapter up for you on Saturday.

*fingers crossed*

If not feel free to comment or send me emails.  Motivation is welcome all the time!

Later all!


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  1. Welcome back OLS! Glad your name isn't Dorothy. ;) Rough weather. Very brave driving that distance by yourself with two little ones. I can certainly empathize about sleep deprivation.
    Look forward to your stories and good to have my twitter friend back :D


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