Monday, May 7, 2012

Manic Monday/Beautiful Stranger Ch. 03

As the song says, "It's just another Manic Monday." 

And this Monday is no exception.  As you may have read a previous post, I have ants.  And not just any type of ants...Carpenter Ants.  These little buggers have wings!  To remedy this we had an exterminator come in to spray.  He found the source which is a huge hole under my sink.  The apartment complex was supposed to cover it and the sent someone out who covered half of it, but said he ran out of dry wall and would be back to fix it.

The sent someone else out to look at it, but then he said he'd come back the next day to fix it.  The next maintenance man.  So I went to the office and was told the exterminator told them not to cover it.  Keep in mind this entire time, ants are continuously coming out of the hole.  And they are more active at night.  And have been biting my kids and I in our sleep.  Because of that my kids sleep in my room not where the ants don't seem to be for the most part.

I talked to the front office again and was informed that if I wanted to move I would have to sign another lease.  I have four months on this lease and will be moving to Texas soon.  Add to that the fact that we have ants in our apartment and they don't seem to want to help us and you want me to stay here!  I don't think so.

And if I didn't think it could get worse.  I was wrong. 

The apartment above us had some work done and now everytime the tenants above us run water our ceiling leaks in our bathroom. 

But wait...

There's more!

Friday my daughter came home to tell me that she was being bullied.  Not by one kid but by two little boys.  So today I went to the school to talk to the teacher.  But the teacher wasn't in.  So the substitute said I should go to the office.  I get to the office and mention that my daughter says she's being bullied and the lady at the office says, "Well first you need to go the guidance counselor and talk to her."

I go to the guidance counselor and talk to the lady there and she takes down my information.  Almost felt like giving a report to the police.  I gave the teacher's name, the kids names, and a location where they would be.  Sigh.

Now after all of this, I just want to sit down and read a good book to get my mind off the choas even if it is temporary.  But promised, I am giving you chapter 3 of Beautiful Stranger.  I hope you enjoy!

Beautiful Stranger Ch. 03



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